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US Army Vietnam - Company Platoon Pack

US Army Vietnam - Company Platoon Pack

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In this comprehensive pack, we’ve assembled a wide array of U.S. squads, company commands, and support elements to enhance your gaming experience. Designed for maximum flexibility, this resource allows you to tailor your Battleground HD Vietnam games with precision and historical accuracy.

Each unit card meticulously represents dynamics that were typical of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. This feature enables you to customize your forces to reflect varying levels of experience and tactical strategies. For instance, if you aim to depict a platoon command new to the theater and lacking in battle-hardened skills, you might opt for a “green” platoon command. This can be combined with regular squads or even mixed to include a veteran squad, providing a nuanced portrayal of military composition.

For those seeking an even more authentic simulation, consider deploying mixed squads. These units blend green, regular, and veteran soldiers and typically feature a reduced count of men, mirroring the complex realities faced on the ground during the conflict.

PDF Download - Both Screen version and a High Quality Print Version are included.


The US Army in Vietnam
The US Army in BattlegroundHD 
Platoon Command - Regular
Platoon Command - Green
Platoon Command - Veteran
Squad - Regular
Squad - Reduced
Squad - Mixed A
Squad - Mixed B
Squad - Mixed C
Squad - Veteran
Squad - Heavy
Squad - Blank
M48A3 Patton - Regular
M48A3 Patton - Veteran
M48A3 Patton - Vehicle
M113 ACAV - Regular
M113 ACAV - Veteran
M113 ACAV - Vehicle
UH-1D Huey - Regular
HU-1D Huey - Veteran
US Weapons - Vietnam

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