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Pao's Payback

Pao's Payback

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A "Short-Burst" Scenario for Star Wars. 

Welcome to BattlegroundHD’s Short-Burst Scenarios. These missions are typically designed to give you an introduction to a conflict such as Cold War gone hot. They are played on a smaller surface such as a 2’x2’ table and uses a lower figure count than is typical in the Scenario books. While these are not intended be training scenarios, they are great place to start to understand how the scenarios interact with the BattlegroundHD Ruleset.

Short-burst Scenarios also allows us to explore other battles and timelines outside of our main Conflict areas.

The most common force used in a Short-Burst Scenario will be a single squad or vehicle. This Squad will then be broken into two or more teams to spice up the Initiative Deck.

The smaller setting of a Short-Burst Scenario will help to get new gamers rolling in BattlegroundHD.

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