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North Vietnamese Army Company Platoon Pack - PDF

North Vietnamese Army Company Platoon Pack - PDF

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In this comprehensive pack, we’ve assembled a wide array of North Vietnam Army squads, company commands, and support elements to enhance your gaming experience. Designed for maximum flexibility, this resource allows you to tailor your Battleground HD Vietnam games with precision and historical accuracy.

You can create many different order of battle to reflect the kind of game you would like to have. If you are looking for a fresh from the Ho Chi Minh Trail unit you can use the “Green” unit cards. Or you might want to represent a NVA unit that has had lots of replacements and use a mix of green, regular and veteran units. It is all up to you.

PDF Download - Both a screen version and a high quality print version are included.


NVA in Vietnam
NVA in BattlegroundHD 
Platoon Command - Regular
Platoon Command - Green
Platoon Command - Veteran
Squad - Regular
Squad - Green
Squad - Veteran
MMG Team - Regular
MMG Team - Green
MMG Team Veteran
Mortar Team - Regular
Mortar Team - Green
Mortar Team - Veteran
Recoilless Rifle Team - Regular
Recoilless Rifle Team - Green
Recoilless Rifle Team - Veteran
PT-76 Crew - Regular
PT-76 Crew - Veteran
GAZ-63 Truck
NVA Shoot Weapons
NVA Lob Weapons
NVA Squad - Blank

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