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Hunters on the Ho Chi Minh PDF

Hunters on the Ho Chi Minh PDF

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Discover the Covert War in Laos 

BattlegroundHD Core Rules are required for play

Prepare yourselves as BattlegroundHD takes tabletop gaming to a whole new level with the launch of our latest 28mm game module: "Hunters on the Ho Chi Minh"! Get ready to dive deep into the heart of the action as we recreate the intense missions of MACV-SOG Recon Teams in the jungles of Laos.

This module has been designed and play tested to feature not only the MACV-SOG Recon Team but our new Solo Rule System: BattlegroundHD Automated Initiative (BGAI). You can also split the Team in two and game on the same side with a friend.

Each scenario takes place on a 4x4 game table and features an objective mechanic that allows you to play the same scenario over and over without the same result. In certain scenarios a QR Code changes the game in the middle forcing you to adapt to changing circumstances.

Hunters on the Ho Chi Minh includes

  • Background on MACV-SOG
  • 6 Scenarios (several are linked scenarios)
  • Unique scenario objectives activated by a QR Code / Web Link
  • Terrain Rules
  • SOG Weapon Rules
  • BattlegroundHD Automated Initiative (BGAI) : Solo Game Play Rules
  • BGAI Cards for Solo Play
  • Recon Teams Unit Cards
  • Blank Recon Team Unit Card
  • SOG Weapons Card
  • NVA Trail Teams
  • NVA Weapons
  • A1 Skyraider Support Card 

The MACV-SOG module brings the danger and intrigue of this covert conflict to life. Stealthily maneuver through harsh terrain, gather intelligence, ambush the enemy, and make it to the extraction point. How long can you survive behind enemy lines?

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