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Fulda Gambit Scenario Pack - Physical Book

Fulda Gambit Scenario Pack - Physical Book

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The Fulda Gambit is a set of three scenarios highlighting the Soviet VDV taking the US Army Fulda Airfield during the beginning of World War III. It features Bomback 3d models along with the BattlegroundHD Campaign to bring you an exciting series of  games. The outcome of the first two scenarios influences the climatic final scenario. One player or group of players will play the daring VDV dropped behind the main defenses at the Fulda Gap. Their mission is to seize control of Sickles Army Airbase and hold it at all costs. The American player or players have to rally their forces and slow down the elite Russian Airborne troops so that reinforcements can rally and retake the airbase.

Will the VDV drive a dagger deep into the American defenses and help secure victory for the Motherland or will the Americans parry the blow, crush this audacious attack and buy precious time?

This Scenario Book is not a standalone game and is intended to support the BattlegroundHD Ruleset. 

What's included:

-41 Page Full Color Book

-Detailed Terrain Maps

-A link to downloadable Unit Cards and other supporting Documents

-New Rules for Terrain and Gameplay

-Helpful series of How it Works call out boxes

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