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Breaking Iron Scenario Pack - Physical Book

Breaking Iron Scenario Pack - Physical Book

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Breaking Iron is a set of six scenarios focused on Operation Cedar Falls. Launched in January of 1967, it was the first multi-divisional operation for the US Army in Vietnam. The goal of the operation was to destroy a large Viet Cong base in an area to Northwest of Saigon known as the Iron Triangle. The 120 square miles of rugged jungle was a staging ground, supply base and recruitment center for large formations of the Viet Cong invading the South and was a dagger pointed directly at the heart of South Vietnam. 

Operation Cedar Falls is a race against time for both forces. Can the Americans overrun this critical area fast enough to wipe out the Viet Cong before they escape? Can Viet Cong’s determined but massively outgunned rearguards buy enough to save critical personnel and equipment? Are you ready to take control of your forces in gritty skirmish combat on the Battlegrounds of Operation Cedar Falls?

This Scenario Book is not a standalone game and is intended to support the BattlegroundHD Ruleset. 

What's included:

-78 Page Full Color Book

-Detailed Terrain Maps

-A link to downloadable Unit Cards and other supporting Documents

-New Rules for Terrain and Gameplay

-Helpful series of How it Works call out boxes

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