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Battle Dice Dice Pack

Battle Dice Dice Pack

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These unique dice allow the player to resolve combat in BattlegroundHD quickly and efficiently. Battle Dice are divided between Attack Dice and Defensive Dice and are rolled in opposition to resolve combat.  Attack Dice are typically generated from Combat Actions and used to cause damage to your opponents forces. Defensive Dice are generated by things like cover, body armor and other factors to mitigate the effects of Attack Dice. 

While you do not need Battle Dice to play a game of BattlegroundHD, they do offer a fun and exciting way to resolve combat. Both players building their dice pools, the thrill and excitement of rolling off against each other, and blocking and assigning effects are more fun and efficient with a set of Battle Dice. 

What's included:

-A full color, high quality sticker sheet

-Instructions for creating the Battle Dice 

-4 blank black d6 dice

-5 blank red d6 dice

-5 blank orange d6 dice

-5 blank yellow d6 dice

-5 blank white d6 dice

-5 blank purple d6 dice

-5 blank blue d6 dice

-10 blank green d6 dice

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