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BattlegroundHD Core Rules - Digital PDF Edition

BattlegroundHD Core Rules - Digital PDF Edition

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Welcome to BattlegroundHD! In this unique experience you will lead your troops through daring combat missions. With strong leadership, good tactics and a little luck, you will secure victory.  Battleground is not for the rash or faint hearted. Only bold, intelligent and swift action will carry the day. 

BattlegroundHD is a narrative skirmish combat game focusing on small units and individual vehicles.  The whole game represents only a few minutes of an actual battle with the action close and deadly. You will command squads, teams and individual vehicles using a Random Initiative system. Each unit will have a unique play sheet that will give the gamer easy access to its capabilities and equipment. Each figure will perform a number of actions to execute its turn. Dice will be used to determine various checks that the Figure will make during its actions. Prepare yourself for a unique gaming experience because in Battleground, detail matters.

What's included:

-83 Page Full Color Book

-QR codes linking to training videos

-A link to a Basic Training Scenario

-Helpful series of How it Works call out boxes

-The Table of contents is Hyperlinked

-Return Links to the Table of Contents

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